About us

Who we are?

We are small but we can achieve great things! As a digital product agency, our job is designing a digital experience that blows the user’s minds and generate satisfaction in their revenues. Our formula, which exist of passion for design, focus on the essentials and setting a high standard of quality makes us do so.

Plus the fact that we are almost part of our client’s team when we are working so closely together empowers us to build the most awesome products. With you as a business expert by our side, we’re capable of reaching unimaginable heights!

Our team

Thiago Carvalho


Hélcio Franco


Roman Malets

Project Manager

Leandro Fabrin

Commercial Director

Zolfer Figueiredo

Back-end Developer

Valentyn Mytchyk

UI/UX Designer

Olga Molozhavska

FRONT-END Developer

Andrew Herasik

FRONT-END Developer

Rostuslav Kuzemsky

FRONT-END Developer

Andriy Khrobak

FRONT-END Developer

Andrew Vasylytsya

FRONT-END Developer

Svyatoslav Luchyshyn

FRONT-END Developer

Igor Bondarenko

Back-end Developer

Andriy Semenyshyn

Back-end Developer

Oleg Geley

Back-end Developer

Maxim Vadiak

QA Engineer

Kristina Kopets

Marketing Specialist

Liene Ausekle

Technical Writer